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Hi! I’m Cynthia Pfeffer, owner and creative consultant of Cozy Barn Signs in Frederick, Colorado! If you’ve always wanted to make your own beautiful or fun wood sign but you’re not sure how to start, then I have the answer! I offer classes where you can paint your own decorative wood signs. All materials and instruction are supplied. All you have to do is show up and get ready to amaze yourself with your newfound artistic abilities!

Highest Quality Products

It is very important to me to use the best quality products I can find. ALL of the paints and stains you will be using are non-toxic, 100% free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), not tested on animals, and contain NO animal by-products (vegan). They are safe to use by everyone – even children and pregnant women. Rest assured you won’t be breathing in ANY toxic fumes!

Animal Welfare, and Giving Back To Our Community

A portion of our profits goes directly to Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary!

“Luvin Arms is a place of refuge for abused, or neglected farm animals. They work to inspire our community to think differently and promote a more compassionate lifestyle through education and outreach programs.”