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Welcome to the Highlands Ranch Mansion!

Envision celebrating the heritage of Highlands Ranch and the region at this unique location, which is viewed as the soul of our community. This historic estate is nestled in the center of Highlands Ranch.

The more than 120-year-old building, known as the Highlands Ranch Mansion, is the namesake of the community of Highlands Ranch. The Mansion is open to the public for community and private events, conferences, tours and educational programs. After an 18-month renovation, the Mansion is a focal point in the community where residents can gather, celebrate and experience the lifestyle of years gone by at this western estate.

Visit the Mansion

Come visit, tour the beautiful rooms, and learn more about the Historic Mansion. The Mansion offers free open hours and tours most Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Also be sure to check out upcoming events.

Rent the Mansion

As your private home, museum or conference center for the day, the Highlands Ranch Mansion combines history, interesting architecture, community and modern amenities to craft an entertaining and memorable experience.


The historic Highlands Ranch Mansion and Historic Park stand today as valuable examples of history, reflecting the lifestyle of early settlers and early pioneers of the area now known as Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Historic Park

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Contact Us

9950 E Gateway Dr. | Highlands Ranch, CO 80126